Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Yeah, like Dave, I've not posted here in a while.

Carly and I had a blast at WWLA, and even made some money, too. Carly was cranking out $1 sketches of people like a freaking machine. It was a sight to behold. The whiny Platinum people were all, "Wahh...why aren't you selling OUR book?" and carly was all, "Shut up, bitches! My shit's cooler!" and they were like, "But we want you to sell thiiiiis booook..." and Carly pimp-slapped them and said, "Is carly Mizzou gonna have to choke a bitch?". At least that's how it went in my head. I was selling color sketch cards for $5. We both did drawings for Ernie Chan and his wife (at least we THINK it was his wife...if not...PLAAAYAAAAA). And I got to hang with Angus Oblong.

I just did a big dump of sketch cards that have been ordered through my website over at Old Dying Kitty. So click that link there if you wanna see them. I'd do the same thing here, but it'd take up the whole page, and that would just be rude.

I am also super excited about Dave coloring The Rioteer. So excited that I've been working on new pages. That he will have to color. Forever. Speaking of Dave coloring...he colored the artwork I did for a big 6ft standee-thingy for New York Comic Con. Because he's awesome. And he did it last minute, too...which I really appreciate (and will pay him for on pay-day). There will be pics of said standee once I get to NYCC next month.

Also, the last boss in Conan for Xbox 360 is BULLSHIT. Seriously. I cannot beat this fucking guy for anything. I've already broken one controller out of frustration.


Allan said...

Damn you and your TALENT!

And I wanted to go to WW.

Damn you and your GOING PLACES.


The Alchemist said...

ditto @ allan.

Congrats for stuff happening.
I foresee boobs in your future.

acadia said...