Monday, March 31, 2008

Antisocial: Speed Dating & The Path is on sale NOW

So, yeah. I haven't been posting here a whole lot. Here's a comic...that you're all missing out on. Because none of you read my blog for Old Dying Kitty.

It's a 100% authentic retelling of my brief foray into speed dating with my friend Chris.

ALSO: The Path #1 is now ON SALE!
Click here to get yourself a new and improved copy of a comic I've already given most of you for free!



The Alchemist said...


Freux said...

whoohoo! ttly going to order that.. when i get paid. XD

Pixie said...

I would SO be charmed by panel 3.

Allan said...

By panel 3?! I'd be charmed by ONE.

i luv u riot ;D

Mr.Riot said...

Aw, I luv you too, Allan.

Izzat Pix? She's alive?

Pixie said...

She's not alive.

She's at COLLEGE. o_O

The Alchemist said...

Students have no life.

Pixie said...

It is the truth. :(

Mr.Riot said...

Yeah, it is.

Nice to see you're among the living, though.

Pixie said...

I did skip class today!

But only 'cos it's my birthday.

According to my brother that puts me one step down the path to worshipping satan and sacrificing babies.

Wingnut said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Pix! I hope it's filled with joy and unicorn giggles!

That, or japanese steak-house and plenty of booze. :D


The Alchemist said...

"""According to my brother that puts me one step down the path to worshiping satan and sacrificing babies."""

wait until you drop classes because your teacher is a douche.

It's when the fun starts.