Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not Quite Dead...

Rumors of my death are mostly exaggerated.

So, yeah. I've been MIA for a while. I'm going to be MIA for a while still. 2008 started out like a shit-storm of disappointment and misfortune. My car died, my sister had to go into surgery, and my apartment was broken into. Among the stolen loot was all my computer equipment (including my scanner and external harddrive)and two of my most precious guitars. At the moment, I'm writing this at the library. I've been dropping about $50 a day at Kinko's so I can use their scanner and photoshop to rescan, re-edit, and re-letter roughly 120 pages of The Path to meet my Feb 3rd deadline with my publisher.

With the exception of sneaking on AIM at work, I won't be on-line all that much...if at all. That does NOT, however, give you kids a free pass to not update here at MM. This little rag-tag group of rebels and ne'er-do-wells has a real chance to DO something banded together and I have no intention of letting that kind of mojo fall apart. Those of you that sent me pages for the sample book will, unfortunately, have to send them again. Those of you that DIDN'T now have a second chance to do so. Don't waste it.

Seriously, guys. POST stuff. Don't let MM fall by the wayside.

Wing: That voicemail you left me was the greatest thing ever. Thank you.
Pix: Nice to see Grog updating again!
Zac: We suck at talking over xbox live while I'm at work.

Make me proud, gang.


Wingnut said...

I love ya big brother, I'm glad you're still alive.


acadia said...

Sir, yes sir.

Pixie said...

I'm sorry about all the suck in your year, Riot. :(

Glarg said...

Holy Crap man, I hope there's something I could do to help.