Monday, August 25, 2008

You see nothing...

I got bored, and that is a dangerous thing. Here's a script that acadia and I came up with forever ago.

What does this mean for AT? Who knows, ask me in the morning.



acadia said...

I do not remember this.

Though I do find it amusing.

Wingnut said...

[11:50] [LG] WingNüt: hmmm...comic idea that one....mitosis.
[11:50] acadiabat: lol
[11:50] acadiabat: "Hey Dane"
[11:51] acadiabat: "Hey zack"
[11:51] acadiabat: *split*
[11:51] [LG] WingNüt: *Scchppplooork!*
[11:51] [LG] WingNüt: GAH!
[11:51] acadiabat: "Dammit."
[11:51] [LG] WingNüt: Hey dane! Hey Dane!
[11:51] acadiabat: "Well, you have to pay for rent too!"
[11:51] [LG] WingNüt: Ahahaha! Yes, thet just might have to happen!
[11:51] acadiabat: lol
[11:51] [LG] WingNüt: That would be really fun to draw, hahaha!
[11:51] acadiabat: "I didnt know i could split asexually! Honest!"
[11:52] acadiabat: *split*
[11:52] acadiabat: "WHAT THE FUCK!"
[11:52] [LG] WingNüt: KiiIIIIIIllllLLLllLLl mmMMMeeEEEee
[11:52] acadiabat: hahahaha
[11:52] [LG] WingNüt: Hahaha!
[11:52] acadiabat: that would be amazing
[11:52] [LG] WingNüt: Oh man, th would be really fun. hahah!

Anonymous said...

That is not funny at all. Heck it Buckley funny.

Mr.Riot said...

Nice to see the boys again!

Great writing as USUAL, Acadia. Joey, yeah...I guess you're okay, too.