Saturday, August 9, 2008

Level Up!

I've been doing daily digital painting studies, because I'm tired of being terrified of using my tablet for anything but flat coloring. I was checking out an AMAZING artists portfolio and saw that they had a tutorial. Intrigued, and hopeful of gleaning the secrets to digital painting I checked it out. The techniques they discussed wasn't anything I hadn't seen before, and so, I thought to myself, "Great, another amazing individual to be jealous of."

But, before I left the page, I noticed that they discussed doing daily studies to get better. I looked at some of there examples and realized that once again, this was just someone waaay more talented than myself. The last linked image however had a very small message next to it saying, "And here, to show you all that you can do it, is MY very first daily study." Upon investigating the image, I then realized that with everything else in this field, all it takes is time. :D

Thusly, I've started down the path, and here is day #2.



Freux said...

Hot damn, wing. That looks supamazing. <33 I'm jealous of your talent!

Pixie said...

HOLY SHIT Wing, that is HOLY SHIT good.