Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So...about a year or so ago, Barry Linck (Phineus: Magician for Hire) and Kevin Hayman (The Errant Apprentice) gave me the go ahead to muck about with their flagship characters and do a crossover with them and Chance from my comic, The Path. I was thrilled, as I am a huge fan of both their comics, and immediately penned a story. Then started working on pages. Then, because I'm me, life got in the way. Despite good intentions and excitement over the project, it fell by the wayside.

Well, now that I'm behind on The Path and playing some hardcore catch-up, this project started rearing it's ugly head again in the back of my mind and won't leave me alone.

Assuming that Barry and Kevin's blessings remain, this crossover will return anew with the New Year. Because, quite frankly, few characters belong together more than a wizard, a modern-day knight, and the reincarnation of a certain once and future king.

Here is the cover mock-up I colored for practice tonight (someone discovered vector brushes...) in an insane bout of insomnia whilst my girlfriend slumbered peacefully.

I'm especially happy with Phineus in the back there for some reason.

And that's that.


acadia said...

Fractal brushes.

Fractal brushes.

The Alchemist said...

I feel the urge to photoshop "Awesome Superteam of Goodness" at the bottom.

Phinmagic said...

I do love that Phin as well! I can't wait! Booya!

Mr.Riot said...

Whatever, Dave. I don't need to listen to your voodoo mumbo jumbo.