Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy (late) Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween, MM! Despite an increased financial burden and a decreased cash flow, a good Halloween was to be had in the Land of Riot!

The little lady and I went around as Hellboy and Babe Sapien:

I fought a robot and saved the world. YOU'RE WELCOME.

...and I drank beer. All in all, a good night.

What about the rest of you? Show me your costumes!


lostpuppies said...

Dude that's some sexy shit.

You guys should wear that to TX.

awesome tastic

Wingnut said...

What an awesome costume! I agree with the Zacamus, that costume should be brought.

Alas, alack, there are no pictures of mine, save for a creepy dude who loved my monocle, somewhere in his house is a picture of me now.


The Alchemist said...

I resent the fact that you decided to go out shirtless.

Phinmagic said...

Babe Sapien, gotta love it!