Monday, November 10, 2008

WWTX '08!

So...we actually put in a real good showing at WWTX this year. A lot of people came back who'd come to our table last year. A lot of people came by because we were loud and obnoxious. Some people even came by because they were lured in by shiny prints and strange signs taped to Zac's head. Either way, a lot of sketches were sold and we made some pretty cool connections.

Also, Jorge Vega is a fun guy and went along with a lot of our shit.

The pics from the weekend can be found here on my myspace page:
Mediocre Militia: Wizard World 2008 pics

When I have more time, I'll slap them up on my flickr accounts.


Wingnut said...

Oh man, that was so much fun. Worth it in every way, yes indeed!

So, how's the move going?

lostpuppies said...

I'll have my stuff up soon!

It was a great weekend, I miss you guys already. You guys are my bffs :(
even though you're all jerks