Sunday, November 23, 2008


...anyone else notice that no longer leads to...well...Mediocre Militia? Who's got the info for the domain so that I can get it renewed? Normally it wouldn't matter, but Zac, Joey, and I just spent so much time and energy a few weeks ago telling people to go there. Seems kind of silly to not have it...y'know...THERE.

Also, the main reason I was going to post: Old Dying Kitty just got a facelift! So go check it out and leave a message in the shoutbox!

Also: Joey? Zac? I miss you guys. Fucking move out here already!



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Phinmagic said...

I should kick myself for thinking this, but I'm considering setting up at Smack Jeeves. I feel compelled to have my stuff everywhere Webcomics are!

Welcome back Riot!