Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ever tallied up how many comics you ever made?

This is a list of all the comic pages and strips (that I can remember) I've done since 1990.

It's a lot.

I need to do more....

I did a lot before but I can't possibly remember all those. They're not very good anyway, just high school/middle school stuff, really...

It's kind of neatly retrospective to do one of these, gets you thinking of where you've come from.



acadia said...

Jesus, man. That's impresseive. I've done maybe 100 pages of anything, ever.

And that's since 2006.

Mr.Riot said...

Oh, gaaawwwd...

The original run of Antisocial
(1997/98-2002/3) racked up something like 500-600 pages. Only about 100 or so have survived to this day (thank GOD).

The story that eventually evolved into The Path("Brand New Hero" 2002-2004-ish) got to about 120 pages before I scrapped it and started over.

I got about 90 pages into a story called "Inferno", but then the movie "What Dreams May Come" came out and it was almost the exact same thing so I tossed that in the "maybe someday" file. I may go back to that now that I think of it...

The Path is at...what...120-ish pages? About 170 if you cound the side-stories I'm working on.

The moral of the story is that Barry is the most productive out of all of us...and us old guys have cranked out a lot of stuff over the years.