Sunday, September 2, 2007

nothing special

So i called in sick today and i drew the next page of one of my comics. It's all penciled out. That's two pages penciled just gotta ink them!

I've been going to sleep to episodes of Lupin the III and I'm in love with that show. I've also gone back and reread lucie and i'm quite disappointed with the artwork in it. So I'll be working harder on making the coming pages look clean and consistent. I'm also displeased with the talking heads aspect. I need more action frames. Anyways the lupin aspects of style have always been in my male characters, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more of them coming up soon. For example:
here's something i sketched really quick and whipped some colors on them in 10 minutes on photoshop. nothing special. But the hands and the pants are especially lupin-esque. I don't really notice it when I'm drawing.

more art coming soon.

Reasons for my current want to draw again:
Ian Jones Quartey has new work and he was an inspiration.
Josh mirman has new projects.
Bran Wing and everyone else are back now.
I have something due for the DD Awards Presentations.
WWTX is where I'll be next and I need new material for it.
I just turned another year older a month ago and I realize that time is flying too fast and I need to make something out of what I'm doing (Damn your success Allan at such a young age)
I miss drawing.


acadia said...

Glad to see you, man. Seriously. I might start drawing again =P

Nick Nitro said...

Hey man, seriously, welcome back.

Archives suck for that reason sometimes, but we can only make shit better, you know?

Quiche said...

I missed your birthday and that sucks.

Mr.Riot said...

OMG! It's ZAC!

How dose I shot the web?

Anonymous said...

Yey for triumphant returns! I always thought the lucie style was ridiculously cute. XD

Omg happy late birthday. ;0;

-Fruex ( who is in a hurry and can't log in )