Thursday, September 27, 2007

more character studies and stuff

I'm going home this weekend. I'm so excited. HOME. It'll be nice to taste a bit of freedom. 4 day holiday. Get to reunite with family and friends, and then get sucked right back into the abyss known as DW.

Anyways here's more stuff to fill space. I actually SCANNED my pages in now, and they're inked. Now I need to color them.
Almost being productive now. I also did the thing I had to for Carly (after 5 months)
Working on some Civil War merch. Because money for plane tickets and money for producing the books is really helpful.

I had tonsillitis for a bit, and that wasn't very exciting. Uhm....Can't really think of anything too exciting. Just wasting space on MM, so in the future when people are trying to remember the old internet they can have a viable case against Mom and Pop blogs and their space filling bullshit.

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