Monday, May 19, 2008

Ho. Lee. Crap.

Look at you guys. All I need to do is threaten you, and you pull pages out of your asses. Great stuff, too. Especially Zac and Bran. One: Because it's nice to see some new comic pages from you two. Two: Because I really like Murder of Two and am excited at it's imminent return! Three: It's REALLY nice to see new pages from you two. You've been hiding comic pages from us for way too long! Joey, thanks for coming through, little bro! Your work, as always, makes me happy in the pants. In very inappropriate ways.

In other news, the girls I live with got married this weekend (Suck it, militant christians and right-wingers! It's LEGAL in Cali now!). Not gonna lie to you: it was kind of like my sisters got married, I may have gotten a bit of manly tears in one of my eyes (so that's where I've been all week, helping get everything ready for that). It was hot as BAWLS, but I looks pimpin' hawt in a suit, so it was a trade off. Also, I was seduced by a beautiful woman reading me an excerpt from "Call of Cthulhu". I didn't stand a chance. She had, apparently, utilized a Batman-like level of PREP TIME and CUNNING.

Anyways, thanks for coming through, guys. It's nice to see that MM still matters to most of us. Sorry I get overly "Rargh!" sometimes, but I really want us all to DO something with our stuff and GO somewhere with it. And, quite frankly, I'd really like us to make it to those levels together.

End of Hallmark moment. Now get back to work!


The Alchemist said...

The Riot Chariot

Running on the blood and sweat of comic makers.

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Freux said...

It exhausted me. I'll never work again.