Monday, May 26, 2008

Heeeere's Barry!

Hello, all! I'm the new guy, Barry Linck, A.K.A. Phinmagic, mastermind lunatic behind Phineus:Magician for Hire. Thank you all for the opportunity to be in such illustrious company!

For my first post I figured I give you guys a peek at a sketch for the main character of what may turn out to be my 2008 24 hour comic, "Ghoulina". I'm still working out the bugs with the story, but it's a story about a cute Zombie chick, nuff said. Her name comes from a Necromantix song. Rawk!


Mr.Riot said...

Ah, Barry. Part of why I like you is that I always get your music references. Not like these damned kids with their hippity hop.

Ghoulina looks great! Crap, when is 24-hour comic again?

Phinmagic said...

24 Hour comic is in October my friend. You can never be too prepared for the 24 hour comic!

lostpuppies said...

Welcome Barry!

I hope you add a much needed spark of life!

I'm excited to have you aboard

Freux said...

*hippity hop*

I like ghoulina, she's cute. XD Nice to have/meet you!