Thursday, June 7, 2007

4 ain't no crowd.

Just me practicing the new art style sommore. Note: none of these characters/pictures might actually be in whatever project I use these for, so if you get excited on seeing one or two characters from these sketches, don't get your hopes up.

Not exactly sure why I colored a few pieces of this one, but I really like the shading on that guys abs.

Two more guys. One guy being all "book-like," the other guy's holding a chisel and hammer.

Here's a zombie or something really skinny and lacking genitalia, coupled with a bigger guy, willing to kick some ass.


Mr.Riot said...

These are all looking really cool, Allan. My favorite is the cauldron for some reason. I just really like the way it looks.

Also, notice that we're the only ones POSTING here anymore? The art-blog is OURS!

Allan said...

Hey Riot!--let's YOU! (get it? let's RIOT? HAW HAW)