Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Buckets

Sup, gaiz? ( and gurlz ) Here's some stuff I've done sorta recently. Kind of going through a slump as I brush off my AWESOME SKILLZ. ( see all my Z's? i'm cool. )

So I'm living on my own now, which is fun. No more stupid family drama or crazy moving around to stab my muse in the face. I am working on a new project and I have a writer, so it won't suck. So, you know, I haven't TOTALLY stopped drawing or existing or whatever. Also trying to sell some pet-themed prints at work for a little extra cash in this bleak economy.

I don't yet have interwebs, but I try to stay signed on AIM and Yahoo on my blackberry if anyone needs to tell me anything or send me anonymous hate messages. I like both. =D

.. I'm SO out of the loop! D:


lostpuppies said...

Looks like everyone's crawling out of the woodworks

lostpuppies said...

woodwork too

acadia said...

Holy balls, freux posts?

The world ends.


MM is back in action (sorta). All we need is for Joey to come out of hibernation and we can get the core group goin!