Friday, July 6, 2007

I had

I had a dream that everyone in the art blog logged on and posted something new. I had a dream Freux returned from the black hole, dragging wingnut along with her. I had a dream that Luciefer updated and that everyone else was online at the same time in a chat. I dreamt civil war was going again.

The only reality is Civil War is going again thanks to Riot. ApL is updating strong, and Pix is working on her stuff. Allan's been gone for a few weeks now... But where did Freux, Wing, and Zac go.

I miss this.

I really do.
I want to return to the webcomic world


acadia said...

So come back...


Allan said...

I'll be back by the end of today! I'm almost certain!

Mr.Riot said...

I had a dream that I get free tacos for life. *sigh*