Sunday, July 8, 2007

For Beginners and Beyond

So. Um.. I live? n_x;;

Hello, boys and girls. What's shakin'? No new art today, sorry. I'm having issues with my scanner. Have I been drawing? .. Sort of. My muse took a hike, I think. She hasn't come back. ;__;

I'm riding a ferris wheel blind and I have no idea how to get off.
( that last statement isn't to be taken literally, btw )


acadia said...

I find that reading/listening/watching things that ive loved since childhood inspires me. I'd suggest watchin some good cartoons to get you back in the GAME. We miss you!

Mr.Riot said...

I remain unconvinced that this is Froo. It's probably whoever killed her.

If it really IS Froo...then damn. You unbelievable slacker.

lostpuppies said...

Try working at Disney World.
I've heard that does wonders for your artwork

Kelly Marie said...

Riot - yeah, it's her. Yeah, she's that lazy sometimes. Yeah, I've been trying to nudge her back to comics but she won't come back.

Sooo, maybe I can try to get her to let me draw for her instead, until she gets some inspiration again. Maybe. Wish me luck on that.