Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Not much to talk about, really. Long week of crap at work, the usual.

Points of Interest:

  • Pix and Beek have convinced me to enter The Comicbook Challenge

  • There was a new Bad Religion song on the radio today from the new album that's coming out in July. I nearly crashed into another car I got so excited.

  • Saturday, I get to see Mike Mignola live and in-person. I wonder if security will take me down before or after I slip him a copy of The Path?

That's about it. In closing, here's the design for The Path stickers and T-shirts that will be available sometime soon:


Pixie said...

Riot, tattoo this across your face please.

acadia said...


Allan said...

This is a kickass design. I'd buy it if it had a few more ink splatters behind it.

David said...

That is a very solid sticker design.

Hero said...

That design is straight-up awesome.