Friday, May 4, 2007

Wow...they killed my heart.

(warning...may be a few spoilers below...and sadly a lot of fbombs)
(image homage to riot's cap death)
So, tonight was not great. I just sat through the most heretical film of our time.
And, I think the fact that it started raining as soon as the movie ended, was a testament that God was unhappy.

I'm so sick of arguing with people about how the Spiderman films are the most amazing super hero movies of our time. The first one was decent, the second was decent.. This third one was completely ass.


Let's look at it this way.
Sure, I could be upset about trivial things like, "Why leave out Gwen Stacey in the first movie" or "Oh my Gosh, spiderman uses webcartridges, not shoots web from his wrists". But those aren't strong argument points against a spidermovie fan. I really had no argument until this third movie came out.

For those of you who aren't Spiderman comic fans like I am...Gwen dies. Like fucking dead. D-E-A-D. Who is Gwen? Oh only spiderman's FIRST girlfriend, who Green Goblin throws off a fucking bridge. Like only adding an emotional twist and another level of guilt to Peter's guilt parade...
THE FIRST movie compensated for leaving her out. It worked out, it was a Tom Bombadill kind of thing.
But to put Gwen Stacey in the third movie (in a stupid role), was like a huge fucking kick in the nuts to us comic fans.
It's like the people were like "What can we do to completely piss off the comic readers?"
Not to mention making Sandman uncle ben's killer, or making Peter Parker Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, or making Eddie Brock fucking exlpode.

The sad part is, no one will ever know how awesome it was when Venom and Spiderman teamed up to fight Carnage (unless the movie franchise somehow magics Venom back into the series) No one will ever know how cool it was when Venom got his own comic series and played the anti-hero.

The thing that bothers me about the movies is the fact that they're rewriting comics to fit to the movie. This ULTIMATE spiderman Bullshit can kiss my ass (Gwen killed by Carnage? WTF, suck it). Spiderman loves Mary Jane? Kiss my ass. It just shows how the company has shifted its focus I suppose. TOWARDS MAKING MONEY

Seriously, where as Riot's hero was Captain America...mine was Spiderman.
I loved it, but now they've castrated him. Kind of like how they just decided to throw him back into his black costume in the comics, just because the movie comes out.

In other news, Lucie'll be off the top 10 Tomorrow.
In other news, I think I'm taking a hiatus from the internet.

This movie's really pissed me off.
Having my friend at the movie say: "Dude, just shut up and deal with it"

one final thing, it doesn't help that every spiderman movie reminds me of some failed romance i've had in my life. So plummeting into a downward spiral of anguish on the destruction of Spiderman, doesn't get fixed when my heart's being ripped open the entire time.


I guess that's it.
I've got no art for you.
Bite me.
(ps the scene with bruce campbell was awesome though)
Love Zac

(there were 2 cool fight scenes in it though.)
(a funny part is where venom is like "lol letz killz spiderman, sandman" and sandmans like "kay" and then venom explodes and sandman is like "jk peter i killed ur uncle i'm sorry im done trying 2 kill u now" and peter's like "lol we r frenz" and then harry's like "I AM TWO FACE")


Risni said...

Kirsten Dunst kept getting her angst all over the place. It was like having a dog with uncontrollable puking, but instead she kept vomitting up bits and pieces of my soul. //_-

I liked the part where Marko runs past the giant sign, "DANGER: PARTICLE PHYSICS TEST FACILITY" Because, you know, that wouldn't be dangerous in the slightest.

But yeah they killed the series way back for me. I had no idea this one would be pure Hollywood excrement though, sorry for your loss. :<

Freux said...

Woow, zac. That must have really been a painful movie experience. D:

I swore off seeing movies that used to be books/comics after The Count of Monte Cristo. Just.. no.

LotR was an exception. They really worked their asses off on that one.

So.. yeah. Sucks that they killed spidey for you. D:

lostpuppies said...

I never liked any of the movies that much, I just used to could see the argument for a good film from the other stand point.

The Ultimate comic series is what's frustrating. Meh.

Stupid Hollywood and poor marvel decisions

acadia said...


Well I'm gonna go see it tonight -- we may agree on some points.

Allan said...

It makes me really sad when I realize these movies are based on comic books. I've never been a big fan of comic books, so the better-made comic book movies have all been pretty cool to me. I liked Spiderman 1 and 2. I hope I'll like 3.

Sorry it was so shitty for you, and sorry it reminded you of a failed romance (every time). It really sucks how different experiences can make or break a movie for you.

Nitro said...

I personally love the Ultimate Series, at least when Marvel used to show every issue online in a flash comic book issue, it was truly entertaining considering Spider-man was really the jumping off point for the Ultimate Series, I thought it worked. Specially the MJ-Peter dynamic. I also heard the Clone Saga while completely different from the original, was fresh, original and amazing.

But then again, that's what I heard.

If you want my thoughts on the whole film... click here.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey! If you think that lame-o anti-hero Venom is cool... that's fine by me. If you have a problem with the Ultimate series taking a different story telling path than 616 Spider-Man, I can deal with that. But how dare you insult Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane... how dare you, sir.

lostpuppies said...

I don't mind Spiderman loves Mary Jane, i was just blowing steam.

It's just an example of how they need to stop bring gwen back...

S<3's mary jane is a secret guilty pleasure of mine anyways