Friday, January 23, 2009

Harry Homa and the Pgh Steelers!


With all the talk about the 7th trip to the Superbowl by the great Steelers makes me miss my grandfather, Harry Homa, who was one of the photographers from the 70's era Steelers.

I've worn Superbowl rings, worn actual practice shirts, met all the legends (including The Chief himself.

Next week they are replaying all the old Superbowls on NFL network, I'll be watching, like when I was a kid, and looking for my Pap on the sidelines.

I miss ya Pap!

Go Steelers!



lostpuppies said...

Wow barry, that's pretty cool man

Anonymous said...

Barry, I think of your pap often! I still bring out my collection of Steelers photographs he gave me when I was a kid growing up to show to all my friends when they come over to watch a game. I still covet the game ball he gave me in 1972 signed by Bradshaw and Hanratty. I run into old Steelers every now and again and they all have fond memories of your pap...Harry Homa is a legend!

Cyndi said...

Everytime I see an old photo of the Steelers I think of your pap, my Uncle Harry. I say, "My uncle most likely took that picture!" I have a wonderful 8x10 of Terry Bradshaw on my wall. I remember taking a photo of Franco Harris (my favorite!) to a meet and greet with #32 in Akron, Ohio. He saw the picture and said, "Where did you get this?" I told him from Harry Homa, and he said "Harry, my man!" I was so proud! I loved that picture, even though I don't have it anymore. I think my brother stole it from me! Thanks for sharing!!
Your cousin,

Melanie said...

You just put my thoughts into words. Everyone questions why i get so emotional over the Steelers and when i explain our history they still dont get it. On Friday Franco will be at Nate's resturaunt so i am going to see if he can sign the pic of pap and him together for the family. Miss you and GO STEELERS!

kristi said...

i've been feeling him around all week. especially when we won the division. pap would've had the best shot of troy. when i saw the "new" steelers prayer i thought of the one he took. we've had a unique childhood. thanks for bringing this to everyone elses attention.

Anonymous said...

I remember your grandfather well. My Dad covered the Steelers home and away throughout the late 60's to the 80's for the Press.
I sat with your Grandfather eating lunch at St Vincent with Dick Haley who is the father of Todd. Your Grand dad was talking about his latest visit to the Doctor who told him no more Chipped Ham.
I was on the sideline for almost every home game and saw Harry working the field. I have all the negatives from my Dad including the Super Bowls.
I have begun the process of scanning them with a High resolution scanner.
Dan Herrmann