Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry Guys...

...but I need to brag about this somewhere.

There's going to be a Wizard World Exclusive "The Path" comic entitled "Edward's Tale" which basically gives a lot of background into the world of The Path and shows Edward trying to rally some troops to Chance's side for the coming battle with Nyarlathotep! The appropriate people AT Wizard Entertainment and I have already spoken about it, so it's a done deal! It'll probably be at WWLA or WWChicago just so it stays timely.

ALSO: Guess who got asked to do a pin-up for the Applegeeks book?

Oh, that would be ME.

In other Mediocre Militia-relevant news, our very own Barry Linck is getting INTERVIEWED on Sunday, Dec 7th at 10pm! I need to get which time zone that 10pm is in, but we can all click HERE to listen in!

So, if you're planning on being anywhere near your computer Sunday night, make sure to listen to the interview and support our fellow Militia Man! Seriously! DOO EEET!